Verizon DSL Down in all of Los Angeles?

Jason Calacanis reports some trouble:

“My DSL went off an hour or two ago and after tons of phone calls one of the techs came clean with me and told me
that the DPOP server is down and all of Los Angeles and most of Southern California is down for Verizon DSL

I don’t have Verizon, or know anyone who does so I can’t confirm or deny this info, but if it’s true that sucks.

6 thoughts on “Verizon DSL Down in all of Los Angeles?”

  1. If you check in the area of Watts, where I live, you will find that DSL is not available. In fact, no high speed access is available through a land-based system. We tried last year to get DSL service but no “nodes” were close enough to facilitate connectivity.

  2. Here in West LA, Verizon DSL is working. Had the whole day yesterday and the whole night.

  3. In my Baldwin Vista neighborhood (between La Cienega and La Brea south of Rodeo), we can’t get SBC/Yahoo DSL — even though they send us promo flyers weekly. But our COmcast broadband works just fine. It costs more than DSL would, but it is faster.

  4. About a week ago my Earthlink DSL (Actually it’s Covad – Earthlink leases from them or something) was down for many days. After the damn tech support finished making me walk aound my appartment holding the DSL modem and plugging it into other phone jacks he finally had the bright idea of checking the server status for my area.

    Turns out Covad was working on them and they were down. I bet it was the same thing Saturday for Verison.

    Oh, and Earthlink’s network status page had nothing posted either.

    BTW, if you want to know who _really_ owns the DSL connection, enter your own IP address into a WhoIs server like

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