The Times gets its Podcast on

The LA Times is again looking to the blogosphere for direction. Having tried and given up on wikis, the next experiment they are trying is podcasting. They have about 10 podcasts up now: 4 on travel, and 6 from the “Column One” series which are just individual pieces about anything from engagement counseling, 111 year olds, the Donner Party, and some stuff about people with severe brain injuries. I’m guessing they will stick with this one a little longer than they did with the wikitorials since podcasting is a one way street. [via LA Observed]

2 thoughts on “The Times gets its Podcast on”

  1. this is useless unless they can get on iTunes… I haven’t tried podcasting, until the iTunes support, but since then, I love it.

  2. Royce, you can manually enter any podcast feeds you want in iTunes. Just copy the feed URL, head to iTunes, to the Advanced menu where you’ll find ‘Subscribe to Podcast…’ Paste in your URL and you’re good to go.

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