Soulful Night

algreen.JPG When I wrote that summer was all about great concerts (and baseball) in June, I really didn’t expect to be attending so many incredible shows.

Last night, I attended concert #8 of the summer: Al Green, the Four Tops and Brenton Woods at the Greek Theater. I missed Brenton Woods because my friend and I were taking our time eating dinner, but was impressed by the Reverend and the Four Tops.

I know both Green and the Four Tops are known for many hits, but I enjoyed their covers or interpretations more. The Four Tops covered Heatwave’s “Always and Forever” and took me back to middle school dances, corny mix tapes and weddings. Green’s rendition of “Amazing Grace” made me feel like I was in Sunday Mass rather than at a concert especially since the crowd was singing along.

One of the main things that stuck out to me about the show was the diversity of the audience. I know all three artists appeal to people of different ages, races, and classes, but it stuck out to me even more last night. It was as if the type of crowd attracted to a typical Dodgers game got dressed up and went out to enjoy some classic soul music.