3 thoughts on “Painted Walks”

  1. Wow! That is so cool! I used to live on Glendale, just south of Temple, and on Temple, a couple blocks east of that very intersection. If they’re still doing crosswalks, I hereby nominate the corner of Union and Beverly, near the place that makes my most favorite noodles (miki bihon) ever. 5000!, since you live in the area, you gotta check it out.

  2. Um, actually very not painted. I was driving up Temple a few nights ago and saw worker bees handling large metal-looking cut out plates and some sort of giant heat seal at the intersection of Temple and Alvarado.

    I think these are iron-ons.*

    *bad pun thoroughly for my own enjoyment.

  3. katie: yeah, the patterns were definitely inlaid, not just painted on top of the asphalt. looked like they were intending them to be around for a while. inlays likely make more sense than having to repaint the weaves every 6 months…

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