You Can See TV – for Free!

That’s right, I have FOUR tickets that I’m willing to part with that will grant you access to see TV shows for free.

You’re thinking, how is that possible? Well, I got an invitation in the mail today from Television Preview to a special New Television Preview screening on August 26th at 7PM at the Pasadena Hilton.

I have no idea what they’re showing, but their results show that even though only 39% of the viewers liked show #1 and 81% liked show #2, 77% enjoyed participating.

Seriously, I have no idea what this is, but if you want the tickets and want to let me know what kind of shows they present (because the website gives no clue if it’s episodes of daytime dramas, cooking shows, talk shows, sitcoms or live surgery) I’m happy to hand them off to someone. Leave a comment here or email me.

UPDATE: After doing a little research via the ‘net and of course the fine advice here, this is a scam. It’s an advertising research company that tells you that you’re there to help broadcasters decide about TV shows, but in reality you’re there to give feedback (unwittingly) about the effectiveness of the advertising.

My offer still stands though. If you’re interested in going, if only to provide a more up-to-date profile of what they’re showing to people, I’m happy to fork over the tickets. Yes, it’s devilish of me because they’re just a business trying to get along in this coyote-eat-dog world, but they’re deceiving people about their intentions.

4 thoughts on “You Can See TV – for Free!”

  1. This is a come-on for a focus group on commercials. it’s a total waste of time. They’ll show you three or four ten-year-old pilots and current commercials, ask you lots of questions about the commercials, and give away some 99-cent store gimcracks.

  2. I have to second Andrew — it’s a scam… if you really want to participate in a TV focus group, CBS has a legit facility at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Check it out next time you’re there…

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