Vallarta Supermarkets

pandulce.jpg I wish I had visited one of the 15 or so LA-area Vallarta Supermarket locations in time to contribute something to the group post on LA grocery stores. I don’t think the chain was small enough to cover in the Los Angeles’s Times feature on ethnic grocery stores. Most of the locations are out in the San Fernando Valley, an area I don’t visit too frequently. However, a store will soon open up in East LA near Whitter & Lorena. The thought of doing grocery shopping after a danza (Aztec dance) practice sounds good.

I can already taste the pan dulce (sweet bread), but I doubt I’ll take my camera along like flickr user Lorenzodom who captured a visit to a local Vallarta supermarket with some mouth-watering and colorful photos.

One thought on “Vallarta Supermarkets”

  1. Always fun to visit. I usually go to the one on Sherman Way near Canoga. But really, in the end, it isn’t all that much different from a Ralph’s.

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