Hotel Cafe, Version 2.0…

DSC_3648dx.jpgLast night, I went to the Hotel Cafe to see Jessie B. and Jesca Hoop, and was rather plesantly surprised at the results of the renovation.

I always thought that it was a cool intimate venue to see live musical performances, but for the more popular acts like Rachael Yamagata or Tristan Prettyman, if you don’t get there early enough, you’ll get turned away at the door.

Now, the space inside has just about doubled, with a double-door entrance in the rear and several fans overhead to keep the air in circulation.

Also, there are several more tables in the front and back, as well as a second bar (both of which now serve alcohol, so it’s not just beer anymore), and two new separate rooms (one of which is a “Green Room” for performers).

DSC_3711dx.jpgBottom line is that it’s awesome because it still retains that original, pre-expansion Hotel Cafe vibe.

I was also amazed by the sheer amount of eye candy there, and a friend who’s a regular patron there confirmed that it’s a great place for guys to meet single women.

UPDATE: Keep an eye out for Jessie B. She’s a singer/songwriter from New Jersey who’s recently been performing for several record labels around town (which would explain the heavy turnouts at The Mint a few weeks ago and at Hotel Cafe last night). She’s what a friend called “a jazzier version of Norah Jones,” and her single “Contradictory Words” is very catchy. Which isn’t to say you should ignore Jesca Hoop either, as she’s quite a wonderful and unique songstress in her own right.

4 thoughts on “Hotel Cafe, Version 2.0…”

  1. Anything new since her performance at El Cid on August 3rd? Hm, I don’t think so. But if you haven’t seen her in the past few months, I’m inclined to say yes. However, her performance last night will probably get uploaded to since a friend of mine taped it, so you’ll eventually be able to listen to it.

  2. that’s funny, when i saw you guys up front with cameras, it reminded me of your post about photographing live shows. i didn’t even stop to think it was actually you.

    i was there mostly to see terra naomi, but caught jesca’s performance, too. both were great.

    i agree with the eye candy assessment, too.

  3. This is definitely becoming one of the best places to hear music in L.A. Oops, now it’s just going to get more crowded.

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