Flat Satire (aka: At Least Garcetti Got The Joke!)

Mentioned on L.A. Observed today is a conversation with City Councilman Eric Garcetti that CityBeatnik Perry Crowe transcribed for this week’s issue. Strolling on over to the paper’s website I was very much pleased to find Garcetti giving a shout out to us here at Blogging.la, and even more bemused that apparently he was the only one to get the satirical post I tossed up a couple weeks ago in response/defense to him being fined for a 2001 campaign literature oversight by the city’s ethics commission:

CityBeat: Blogging.la even defended you after your recent $5,000 fine for the cityís Ethics Commission regarding some unapproved campaign mailers from 2001.

Garcetti: Yeah, thatís funny. That fake little thing they made [blogging.la posted a mailer marked ìEVIDENCEî that read: Vote for Eric Garcetti for City Council because his opponent so sucks! And he doesnít know how to dance Ö and other shit like thatî].

CityBeat: Oh, that was fake?

Garcetti: It was totally fake. It was a joke. A couple of people have asked me about that. They didnít realize that it was just a joke. Our literature was better than that.

Now I have even another reason why I love this guy.