Feedback on Best of 2004

Last year we wrote a Best of LA piece on things we liked around the city. Today we got some feedback on it. Enjoy!

Blogging.LA Feedback Form Post
From: [email protected]
Subject: THIS IS A JOKE, Right?
Message: You guys are so fucking rediculous, how could you say that something is the best if you have never been there…EX: LA’s best hookah bar. So because you don’t know of any other hookah places this one is the best. wtf is wrong with you people. do you not have anything better to do with you’re time than post misguided nonsence? At least do your research. This moron said the best place for people watching is his car, this is so fucking stupid. All i wanted was to find some usefull info about LA and i find this waste of a few thousand kilobytes. Please don’t just talk out of your ass. How could something be the best if you fucking wastes of life haven’t even been there?

Aw, sounds like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. We’ll keep this in mind when we do the Best of LA 2005.

6 thoughts on “Feedback on Best of 2004”

  1. Boner, youíre such a wanker dude, yet you never fail to surprise me. Way to post the comment and email addy of someone who disagrees with you. How about I send you my email address and tell you I think sexplace is a low rent hack of an ìart gallery.î

  2. First off it’s clearly a fake e-mail, and secondly the guy isn’t disagreeing with me, I didn’t write the review he’s complaining about. Besides, that comment is too funny not to share. And let me tell you how crushing it is to be insulted by some anonymous chicken-shit. ewww, scary.

  3. In fact, ohjebus is disagreeing in part with my post about the hookah bar and if he hadn’t proved himself such a flagrant anonytard I’d say he has a point, albeit a flawed one. But any rant about my lack of research just can’t be taken seriously when it’s clear he lacks even the most rudimentary of spellcheck skills.

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