Coyotes South Of Sunset ó Confirmed!

Following up to Sean’s August 13 post alerting to coyotes venturing into areas south of Sunset Boulevard, as of this morning I can confirm it is no hoax (at least not in the Silver Lake area ó specifically the 800 block of Occidental Boulevard, one block east of Silver Lake Boulevard).

At 7:30 a.m. after returning from walking the dog, I heard a rustling in the foliage on the north side of the property. At first thinking it was just one of the neighborhood cats, I quickly changed my mind when I saw a bushy tail behind some long tan legs moving in no hurry from us but 20 feet away. Through a break in the greenery I finally got a good look when it stopped in front of the neighbor’s porch and stared back at me ó a lean and mean looker almost entirely at ease and in no rush to vacate the premises.

I wasted no time getting Shadow inside and calling Animal Control (888/452-7381) to report the sighting, but no sooner had I hung up the phone when Shadow started barking in the living room and the fun really started. Rushing to the front window I was just in time to see the first coyote joined now by an equally lean looking partner, both sauntering across the walkway below the front porch like they owned the place. It wasn’t until I ripped open the front door that they picked up the pace, moving down the front steps and across the sidewalk with me in pursuit. Brazenly padding south in the middle of the damn street I followed them until they made a right onto Marathon and moved out of view.

Nothing like having a couple hungry predators squatting on your property to get things going in the morning. It’s better than caffeine! I’ll update any information I get when the Animal Control Dept.’s wildlife officer calls me back, but in the meantime if you’re south of Sunset, keep your pets closed up and your eyes wide open.

UPDATE: And I’ve set up a CoyoteCam in case they come back…

9 thoughts on “Coyotes South Of Sunset ó Confirmed!”

  1. it doesn’t seem to smart to me to chase after two wild predators, regardless of where they’re located. Also, wouldn’t have been smarter to just leave them alone and have animal control be able to locate and take care of them??

  2. Hmmm let’s think about that Adam: Leave two predatious critters to languish on my property, or run ’em off? Well, no one’s ever accused me of being smart, Adam. But I have been accused of being fearless.

    And considering that now at noon more than 4.5 hours after my reporting the coyotes I haven’t even received a phone call from the Animal Control Dept.’s wildlife office (which means there’s even less a chance that personnel were dispatched to the scene to investigate) I feel like a fucking genius for scatting those crazy canines the hell off my property and would do it again and again and again until they got it through their predatory skulls that there might be a quieter environment more condusive to their lifestyles elsewhere… like maybe your place where it appears they’ll be able to camp out comfortably for as long as it takes an animal control officer to arrive, which is a nice way of saying a helluva long time.

  3. Living in Hollywood, the Franklin/LaBrea area, I’ve heard the sounds of coyotes getting closer and closer over the last couple years, and now, we’re also getting sightings on our block.
    On the bright side, I think the number of chihuahas and other miniature trophy dogs in the neighborhood has hit its peak and is on the decline.

  4. I live on the west end of the Valley and we’ve always had the Coyote thing going on. As long as you keep your yards locked and have fences that are over 5 or so feet tall you’re pooches and such are pretty safe. I saw one skulking about a few weeks ago around 2am, it was a hoot just watching it wander around looking for stuff. It checked a couple of the trash bins even. Interesting to see wildlife in such a suburban environment.

  5. Adam, I think that the prevailing wisdom is to not allow coyotes to become acclimated to humans – by scaring them off we’re hopefully keeping them away from our homes and pets and perhaps they’ll decide that easier eats are to be found in the hills.

    We should all be grateful that Will didn’t have to pull out his digerdoo, cuz that coyote wouldn’t know what hit him then.

  6. I live in Angelino Heights about 5 blocks down from Sunset (near Elysian Hills) and we’ve had to shoo off coyotes late at night several times this year. Last year, a neighbor’s dog was killed by one after being left in the backyard all night. If coyotes have been spotted in your area, keep pets inside.

  7. One just snagged my friend’s cat at 4 am in a fenced yard. …this was WAY south of Franklin. She chased it down the street lobbing objects at it til it dropped the dead cat. Gross!

  8. I don’t think chasing a coyote is that big of a problem. I’ve never heard of a human being attacked by one. Generally they are just looking for easy food. Judging from the number of small dogs still in West Hollywood, coyotes are probably not much of an issue here.

  9. I saw one up at the new Upper Las Virgenes (old Ahmanson Ranch) area at the went end of Victory. He was chilling at the border line, which is a sight to see. It is like the city just stops dead. On the LA side, Victory in all of its 5 lane glory, giant houses, and walls and stuff. On the Ventura side, hills, coyotes, and trails off into the horizon. Seeing that contrast was like seeing two areas in two different eras… Makes you realize who/what was here first.

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