What’s in the Air

Is it just me…or is Mercury in retrograde or something? Everything seems to be fraught with difficulty this week. People uptight in traffic. Hard to move projects forward. Is something in the air?
Is anyone else feeling it?

3 thoughts on “What’s in the Air”

  1. From what I’ve heard Mercury is in retrograde. I think this means I’m clumsier than usual and really want chocolate.

  2. Mercury has been retrograde since the last week of July, but turned direct just yesterday (Tuesday, Aug. 16).

    Of course, some astrologers include the period of direct motion from the direct station to the Return point – when it passes the point where it initially went retrograde – in the ‘retrograde period’ and its effects. The Return date for the current period is August 30.

    (Not that I really know anything about astrology, mind you.)

  3. I’m soooo glad to hear that…at least I can attribute all this crazy behavior to something else!!!!

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