So you can’t go to Burning Man – two offers to participate from afar

It’s almost time for “that thing in the desert” and I’ve been busy getting my stuff together for nine days on the playa. If you don’t know what burning man is, I suggest you go here to learn.

I’m leaving for the playa in about a week and I’m offering two services to you, my fellow LAers who may not be able to join me in person.

1. Something to burn?

Do you have something precious to burn. Someone to remember (or release, or forget)? The Temple burn on Sunday night is the place to remember friends, foes, past lovers, parents, those who have died. People bring pictures, burnable objects, decorate the wood with names. And it all goes up in flames September 4th. Last year, I folded a paper airplane and flew it into the center bracket. It went up in flames.

I am offering a service to take some small token, picture, or burnable item to the playa and place it in the temple to be burned on Sept. 4th. Post a comment with a way to contact you or collect your item.

2. Communicate from afar

Did you know that Black Rock City (the place Burning Man takes place) is an actual incorporated city? And has their own post office. Yes, it’s true. Last year I sent postcards to friends and family who did not attend. You can also receive mail at Black Rock City. My second offer to you is, to get mail from Black Rock City. There is a catch, you must first send ME mail at Black Rock City. I’ll be sure to include a playa trinket in your return. The details.

A. Send me a letter to my address at Black Rock City. I will be in Black Rock City from August 27th through Sept 5th. Here is how you can reach me:

Tazii Camp in Sanctury Village
4:30 and Catharsis
Burning Man
Gerlach, NV 89412

B. In your letter (or care package – hint hint) include your address, an envelope/postcard/folded box/etc with enough postage to get it back to you and any requests or instructions. If you would like me to mail something to someone, include those instructions.

C. I’ll include playa dust and any other fun things I might have collected.

D. For added fun, you can send me a question and I’ll do an I-Ching reading for you and send the answer back to you.

For best results – get your stuff in the US mail August 27th or 28th. I’ll return any mail that I receive on playa.

Extra points to those who combine option 1 and 2.

2 thoughts on “So you can’t go to Burning Man – two offers to participate from afar”

  1. Nice. Most of my friends will be right up the way at Bouncy Bouncy Camp (4:30 and Bipolar), and a whole bunch more of us will be close by at Bouncy Bouncy 2 (wherever THAT ended up). It’s going to be a nice year on the playa… and it’s really nice to see you reaching out to the people who can’t go. Very nice touch!

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