Oooh La La….

Okay all you Burlesque fans, this Saturday night, August 20th, ‘Bella Beretta presents’ is hosting a big extravaganza called, “The Ohh La La” at the Orpheum Theater downtown.
It will be filled to the brim with fancy dancing girls. You can catch world famous Burlesque Dancer, Pin Up and Playboy cover girl Dita Von Teese ( featured this month in Allure and Vanity Fair).
She’ll be presenting her debut performance of †The Powder Puff Pinup and reprising The Dueling Glassesî with the exquisite Catherine DíLish. Also on the bill: The World Famous Pontani Sisters, Kitten DeVille, Eliza Bane, The Bougainvillea Beauty Chorus and from London, Miss Immodesty Blaize!

Tickets are $25.00 & $45.00 and available through Ticketmaster
or from visiting the site.

One thought on “Oooh La La….”

  1. When is burlesque just going to go away? There are so many d-rate bad “punk rock burlesque” shows and pussycopycats dollz, i want to urp. Just when i thought it was over that damn Pussycat Dolls song came out and they opened that club in Vegas. My maniacal tittering at Jonathan Antin’s bitchfights with his product designer on “Blowout” were interrupted with an infomercial on his sister’s Pussycat Dolls club opening in Vegas. I wish it would just stop! Burlesque has really jumped the shark!

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