Dear Los Angeles Radio Stations,

Please stop sucking.

No, really. Stop.

Due to some forgetfulness and unfortunate trip planning I was stuck on our lovely freeways for close to three hours this afternoon with an iPod with a dead batter so while watching my speedometer waver between 0 and 15 mph I did a lot of channel surfing. Which was also unfortunate because each station was worse than the one before it. KDAY has apparently decided that “hip-hop today, from back in the day” means puketakular R&B. I want NWA not R Kelly. KROQ is, well, it’s KROQ which is the FM equivalent of a migraine. Hey interchangeable DJ with retarded nickname of the moment, while I’m happy you are playing some Madness even if it is just because they are playing your lame Inland Invasion concert, please note that they did actually release songs other than “Our House” and since you’ve played it 9 times in the last 2 hours I really don’t need to hear it again. Even Indie 103 which can usually be counted on to at least play something interesting had “Crappy and the Sucks-Real-Bads” on heavy rotation.

Seriously you guys, satellite radio isn’t what’s going to put you out of business, it’s your programming directors. Trust me, no one wants to hear that stuff and if they are listening, it’s only because they have no choice.


8 thoughts on “Dear Los Angeles Radio Stations,”

  1. KCRW’s not bad when they’re not being horrendously boring. MBE’s always nice, as is Which Way, LA? Without those two shows I wouldn’t know what’s going on in the world or music, or world music for that matter.

  2. Do what we did. Buy a Sirius Sat. radio, a car adapter kit and a mobile battery pack! VIOLA, tons of music at home, in the car, at the park, wherever!

    We got a $50.00 rebate on the radio, a $35.00 rebate on the car kit and a $50.00 rebate on a battery pack . If you buy one years service up front its about $8.00 a month. If you buy two years it’s even cheaper and for $499.00 you get a LIFETIME subscription.

    Think about it, a lifetime of Howard Stern!

  3. And who annointed you program director for the world? 8-) Some people actually like that stuff (dunno why, but they do). Radio is a business. Alaternative stations rarely make enough money to survive. Music is subjective, dude. Listen to what you like; let other do the same.

  4. Programmers program what tests the best. Most people have bad taste. Case in point: Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, The Macarena, Wazzup, The Dancing Motwon Raisins…NASCAR… when you’re trying to get the largest audience in order to get the most money from your advertisers, you go with what pleases the most people…and boy does that suck!

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