Crazy Car Spotted!


Kozy, one half of the LA art duo Kozyndan spotted this crazy art car on a walk near her west side home. Lots more photos on Dan’s Livejornal and says: “It reminds us both of the secret Oz Garden in Beachwood Canyon. If you ever havea chance to go there – don’t pass up the opportunity.”

6 Replies to “Crazy Car Spotted!”

  1. I’ve spent a little time in the Philippines, and this looks like it’s been modded like a traditional Jeepney, the rock-solid workhorse of Manila’s public transit network: tons of crazy color and oodles of chrome.

  2. Pass up the opportunity. Oz is closed and there’s way too much tourist traffic up Beachwood as it is.

  3. Unfortunately, unless things have changed, it’s now virtually impossible to visit Oz. Back in the late 90s, it was open for all to see, but it’s been years — and several trips with disappointed out-of-town pals — since I’ve last found it open. Too bad — it was quite a spectacle…
    Also, second with Mack, this totally reminds me of the jeepneys in the Philippines…

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