You’re not just feeding ducks when you throw those little bits of bread in the lake*

*That is if the lake is the one at Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park in Harbor City.

Giant Caiman Makes a Splash at L.A. Lake

Tue Aug 16, 8:24 AM ET

LOS ANGELES – Park visitors have gone from feeding ducks and fish to nourishing a scaly green creature more likely found in Amazonian swamps than a Los Angeles lake รณ a giant crocodile-like caiman.

Since a gardener spotted it last Friday, people have tried to glimpse the 200-pound reptile wading and sunbathing at Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park.

Like many Angelenos, the animal is an immigrant who is quickly adopting to its new home. It has already acquired, for example, a nickname matching its Latin American roots and its penchant for tortillas tossed by visitors: Carlito.

“They’ll swallow anything, and if they can’t swallow it, they’ll tear pieces until they can eat it,” said Jarron Lucas of the Southwestern Herpetologist Society.

Lucas’ group, at the request of park rangers, is attempting to capture the animal with nets and a raw chicken, then give it a home at the Los Angeles Zoo. That could take a month, officials say. [full story]

I’ll look forward to hearing updates about Carlito as he moves to the Zoo from Will Campbell. :)