Having become a dedicated reader of fellow contributor Shane Nickerson around about the time of that unfortunate episode where he was caught standing so close to Cameron Diaz that it was just natural for the tabloids to assume they were dating and shit, I find it fitting to regularly check in to his blog รณ not only because he’s an excellent and insightful writer who’s laugh-out-loud hilarious, but also because I want to be the first on my block to find out who he might next get caught standing too close to but not be dating either.

So it was during just such a blogvisit on my lunch break this afternoon that I found he’d posted this as yet unreported nugget of Wednesday evening entertainment news and I wanted to spread the short-notice word:

“I’m going to be performing at The Groundlings tomorrow in The Crazy Uncle Joe Show. It’s a longform improv show that is one of the best in town (I can say that because I’m not a regular cast member, just an occasional guest). Rumor has it that the shows have been selling out lately, so if you want to go, call now.”

The show’s at 8 p.m. and tickets are $10 at The Groundlings Theater, 7307 Melrose Avenue. 323/943-4747.