Jackie Goldberg

I know some of my fellow b.la contributors are big fans of the councilman for CD 13, Eric Garcetti. However, I think I’ve become a fan of one of his predecessors and current Assemblymember, Jackie Goldberg.

I got the chance to see her speak as the keynote for the annual conference of the University of California Students Association held at UC Berkeley.

She had a few things to say about my generation’s methods of information dissemination and favorite news sources.

“… and that’s why they’re worried about your generation, because you get your news from Comedy Central.”

“… and you blog, whatever that means.”

She also recounted her experiences as part of one of the few women leaders of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement. Most of the students at the conference were shocked to hear her speak about how the only women leaders were those with male identifiers. For instance, in any articles she was always referred to as the sister of another FSM leader, Art Goldberg.

Times have changed.

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