The American Dream pt 14: Last Day of the Dream

This is part 14 of a collection of diary entries by Dennis Fuller (Vikki‘s dad) during his holiday in Los Angeles (from London), January 2005. Links to earlier entries at the end of this post.

Itís the last day and for the first time in two weeks I woke up feeling hungry, so rather than go in searching. I decide to give the motel diner another chance. Also I had to pay cash for the night, so I only have $30 to last me the day. I am so glad, there is a different waitress on duty and she seems to make all the difference, she is Russian and her name is Marina, I had ham and eggs with French fries with toast and coffee I figure this will keep me going throughout the day.

After breakfast I asked reception for directions to The Western Heritage Museum, but the printer on the computer isnít very good and the directions seem very complicated, so I decided not to bother and headed down to the beach. Had a lazy day sitting in the sun, reading my book, people watching, and ambling along the seashore. Had a drive over to a famous beach and sat in a coffee shop with coffee and a muffin. It is now approaching 4.00pm and I want to hand the car back to Dollar and be in the airport to book in for 6.00pm. Got slightly lost again and had to pull in to a garage, its best to hand the car back with a full tank anyway, and asked for directions. Dropped the car off at dollar and congratulated myself that there were no hidden extras. Must say that Dollar has got it off pat it took less than 5 minutes for the guy to check and sign off the Stratus, damn fine car wished I could get that bugger in my suitcase.

Jumped on the shuttle and was in L.A.X for 5.30pm. It was just as well as not only do you have to queue up to check in, but having done so you then have to join an even larger queue to get your luggage screened. Obviously after 9/11 security is important but all the queuing and hanging about at the airport really does take the shine off the holiday. The next queue is through customs, they are making everybody take their shoes off, but nobody seemed to notice that I kept mine on after all donít want to go gassing anyone on my last day. The final queue is in the departure lounge I had timed it so that I got there 5 minutes prior to departure, as I stood there I noticed that on my ticket I was classed as a World Traveller, this enabled me to get on the plane with 1st class and business which was handy because I was very nearly the first passenger into my compartment and could stow my hand luggage and be in my seat before the aisles got jammed with other passengers. The plane took off dead on time at 8.45pm and the pilot informed us that in 30 minutes we would be flying over Las Vegas, so at least I got to see the lights. I had a fantastic experience and enjoyed every moment of my time in the land of the free, fantastic land, fantastic people god bless you all.

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  1. These posts are so lame and you seem to be the only one who actually enjoys reading this drivel.

  2. I actually liked these. I looked forward to them every day, and the day did not feel complete until I had read that day’s entry. I am sorry to see it go. Maybe that’s just me.

  3. yeah, it sure sucks that to have that guy there with a gun to your head forcing you to read blog posts you aren’t interested in. What a nightmare!

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