I paid over $40 to fill up my gas tank on Saturday.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s the proof:

If you can’t read that, it shows that I paid $40.92 to put 15.161 gallons of gas in my tank at $2.69/gal for the cheapest gas at Exxon.

The other gas prices were $2.79/gal or $2.89/gal.

And if you think that’s expensive, it was actually the cheapest gas I found before I hit the road. I saw one place on Sunset that was $2.83/gal for their cheapest gas and $3.05/gal for the most expensive.

I’m sure it’s even more expensive in Beverly Hills.

10 thoughts on “I paid over $40 to fill up my gas tank on Saturday.”

  1. Batten down the hatches, it is only going to get worse. We have a finite resource, the supply of which is decreasing, and the demand of which is increasing. Time to sell the Hummer.

  2. I filled up on Friday. I had gone 400 miles on that tank and was ready to fill up … I put in a little more than 8 gallons at $2.83 (the Shell station in Hollywood on Sunset) and it cost me about $23.

    If I had one complaint about the Prius it would be the gas tank … it only holds 11.9 gallons, but it tells me I’m on reserve by the time I use 8. I can’t drive around with that thing blinking/beeping at me, so I’ve never put in more than 9 gallons at a fill up.

    I know, woe is me.

    It’s time for us all to drive less, carpool and make better new car choices.

  3. The supply is not decreasing, we’re just remarkably inefficient at getting it out of the ground and in the ways we use it.

    Everyone cries about our dependence on Saudi Arabia and Iraq — we buy more oil from Canada and Venezuela than from either of those countries. That said, we should cut back anyway — and be much more efficient in how we use it.

    Traditional electric vehicles are not the answer, because the electricity has to be generated in a fuel-powered plant somewhere else. Hybrids are a good start, although the new Lexus 400 hybrid only gets 2 more miles to the gallon than the regular model.

    And mass transit would be fine if local governments had a clue about how to make them work. East Coast cities get it; LA never will. And the cars on the road are only part of the problem. People’s habits are more important. A new SUV that travels three miles to work and school uses much less fuel and pollutes less than an older-model Celica that drives with one occupant from Riverside to downtown LA and back very day.

    There’s more than one side to each of these issues — but if we all took time to contemplate all of them and make rational decisions, there’d be nothing to get angry about, would there?

  4. yep…my honda ringed up $31 for 10.something the other day. I’m seriously thinking of parking my car at the redondo beach green line parking lot and ride to santa monica for work…the traffic on the 405 is getting to me too. Wonder what the security is like…

  5. $57 to fill up the 20 gallon tank on my Wrangler (comes out to 21.5 gallons once the gas fills up to the nozzle hole).

    She’s a guzzler 4 cylinder, 5spd (16mpg city) but, I love her. We don’t drive aimlessly much anymore
    :-(… it’s all A to B using a handheld GPS V…all business now :-(

  6. As I said before:

    the LA BREA TAR PITS has gasoline that may be
    now worth sifoning*

    *Note you will need about 10,000 gallons to
    extract one gallon of octane.

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