The American Dream pt 13: The Dream Is Nearly Over

This is part 13 of a collection of diary entries by Dennis Fuller (Vikki‘s dad) during his holiday in Los Angeles (from London), January 2005. Links to earlier entries at the end of this post.

Must be getting lazy woke up about 7.30am, thought there is no rush and switched on the T.V again excellent ëThe Battle of the Bulgeí is on during the adverts I flicked over to the news and bummer there has been a really bad accident in L.A involving two passenger trains and a freight train, 4 people are dead and over 200 passengers injured all because some arsehole wanted to commit suicide and parked his pickup on the tracks. After a while I got hungry so I decided to go over to Mikeís for some breakfast. Also I am going to take my camcorder to get some film of the pedal cars. I fancied a right old fry up so I had ham and eggs with chicken fried potatoes and toast excellent, asked for and got permission to film the pedal cars.

Went back to the motel and attempted to sort out my baggage, sod it the blasted boat will not fit into the new bag I bought so I have to unpack and repack everything, I hope I donít have any bother at the airport if they make me empty my bags it will be bloody embarrassing. Headed off along Hwy 14 drove past the airbase and noticed a three bed roomed house for sale with a bit of land for $160,000 which is just over £100.000, if it were not for the health situation I would be tempted to retire here, mind you would I want to live next to an Air Force Base. I had to pull in to Lancaster for a break but then drove on to Acton, I want to stop here, as it will be a great crack to tell my colleagues at work in Acton England about Acton in California. As I hit the exit ramp for Acton I saw a fenced off area with stagecoaches, wagons and all sorts so I parked the car and went in for a look around.

Itís a really great place with the Acton Jail and sheriffís office I took several photographs and even persuaded a guy to take one of me, and then I saw a sign saying no cameras oops! I donít think they minded too much itís amazing what a stupid limey can get away with. As I was leaving I noticed a fake water tower with junk written on it, crossed out and then Antiques painted underneath. Not much else in Acton California so I got back on the highway and headed back to L.A. Fantastic road itís amazing how you can cruise along at 60 or 70 M.P.H and still take in all the wonderful scenery surrounding you, this is actual mountains I am driving over. I cnnot begin to describe the amazing feats of engineering it must have took to build these roads.

Dropped a bit of a clanger entering L.A. and ended up in San Bernardino, you really do have to do your homework on these Freeways, it is twice the problem for me as I cant wear my glasses while I am driving and cannot see the map without my glasses. So to double check I have to leave the Freeway, Highway whatever park the ca r and consult the maps. Then you have to understand what is North, South, East or West as there are very few place names, it does not help toe see 100 south or 405 north when you have not got a clue whether you north or south of you destination. Fortunately although they are absolutely gob smacked when they find out how far off route you are the Los Angeles Police Department are always happy to give you directions. I am so glad that I decided to return today as I would have been in a right old panic if I was rushing to return the car and catch my plane home.

Eventually found the Los Angeles Adventure, it is a motel I have read about, it is very cheap which is handy as I am fast running out of cash. Donít really want to hit the A.T.M when I am flying out tomorrow. After checking in I stood at the window of my room and watched the planes landing, while finishing off my remaining cans of Coors. Later still I went to visit the restaurant, very strange at first, I met this fellow called Damien who lived in Lilly Road Fulham (approx 5 miles from where I live) He was telling me that he had been globe trotting for about 15 months and had visited everywhere lucky so,. A suite nyway he told me that apparently this place takes all sorts, including people on the social security (thought that was an English thing) and this girl was moving out because of the riff raff, so we agreed that we should be right at home then. The dinner was crap, but what do you want, I had the Steak Special (breaded) Mash covered in what I think was Tartare Sauce and peas, some sort of Noodle soup, two glasses of wine Oh and a coffee all for $10, but what a wait for everything. Could not find the Barmaid so I went back to the room.

It was about 10.20pm and out of sheer boredom I went back to the bar. On the way I passed the Internet suite four computers rigged up to cash or card payment, but could not get it to work. They also have a small heated pool here and there was actually a guy swimming around with an inflatable alligator, suppose I was lucky it was not an inflatable doll. Just by the pool there was a sitting area with an extra bar(closed) garden style chairs and tables with a few guys and this woman, quite attractive, wearing what seemed to be her knickers and a t shirt might have been shorts I did not look to close some of those guys might not appreciate my purely aesthetic interest. I was hoping to bump into Damien but he was either sleeping or had gone out somewhere. I did not fancy straying around that part of town, as it is a little less salubrious than what I am used to, I settled for a couple of beers in the bar, not very good people watching one middle aged couple arguing over whether they could afford another drink and a couple of guys I would not want to meet down a dark alley. Then went back to my room to finish off the scotch with my book.

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  1. must admit i’m googling ‘LA Adventure Hotel’ in Inglewood right now. This place easily sounds like the most interesting part of your trip…at least in my book…any photos of the hotel or unsavory characters?

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