Safety on the road

lifejackets081205.jpgIf you are concerned about drowning as you drive around town, you could follow this motorcyclist’s example and strap life jackets to either side of your body.

Cybele and I spotted him (?) on Santa Monica Blvd yesterday, but I forgot to post the photo until just now. I’m glad I was able to get my camera out before he zoomed away between lanes. Someone needs to explain to this guy that life jackets only help if you’re being reckless in the water.

5 thoughts on “Safety on the road”

  1. Perhaps there were two non-swimmers around a pool somewhere in need of life-jackets. This person could’ve been in the process of saving lives! Or perhaps he’s just a little weird.

  2. i assumed it was “body armor” to protect him for when he zoomed between lanes at a high speed — you know how they do on motorcycles in rush hour traffic — and it’s to protect his arms against rearview mirrors. like the thing an ump wears to protect his chest from stray baseballs. don’t you think?

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