Rub Me Tender

Today… in dire need of some R & R and a girl-gab fest with my best friend, we hit Natura Spa in Koreatown. It’s a super clean modern looking spa at Wilshire and New Hampshire. Once inside, we stepped into an oasis of pools and rooms with naked women of all ages, shapes and sizes walking around, scrubbing each other, getting massages, lounging around….it was great that no one had an ounce of modesty walking around bare-ass naked.

I also loved the fact that you can soak in three different herb infused pools, hit the sauna or steam room and then get a body scrub to get all the grit and grime scrubbed off your body, for 50 bucks. It’s startling the determination these women have when they go to work on you. You lay on a massage table surrounded by maybe 6 other tables with prone women on them getting scrubbed. The body scrub woman goes to work with a scrubber that literally takes the top layer of skin off. You can’t imagine how good it feels. You get hosed off a couple of times and it all ends with a luscious, freshly whipped up cucumber facial. My skin felt baby soft. After all that, all my worries and tensions just disappeared. And my friend and I caught up on all the boy-talk, biz info and anything else we could think of to last us for a good week or so. I don’t know if it’s all the soaking, the scrubbing or just the relaxing nature of it all, but I feel like a new woman. I ran into a friend an hour afterwards who he told me I was glowing….
Iíve been before and always had a good experience, although some of the technicians can be a little zealousÖthe two I love are Shin and Jang. They both have a gentle, yet firm touch. Natura is located at 3240 Wilshire (free validated parking) and the phone number is 213-381-2288. (no web-site I could find).

7 thoughts on “Rub Me Tender”

  1. Somehow, paying $50 bucks to have a total stranger scrub me seems a tich expensive.

  2. Well, you get three different hot pools, one regular and two with different herbs that are good for the skin, a sauna, steam room, towels, shower, great locker room, the scrub…which rocks….it’s a great deal as far as I’m concerned.

  3. what do you mean by soaking in the herb infused pools? i am envisioning a hot tub that everyone shares with some thyme thrown in, but i don’t think that is it… i have always wanted to try a spa day thing but have never had the cash and always felt very ignorant about the entire thing compared to my girlfriends. i could maybe come up with $50 though. the walking around naked thing doesn’t sound appealing to me though.

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