Stop, Look Both Ways, Stylishly Cross Street

Josh Kamensky from the infamous CD13 office dropped me a note awhile back about some new crosswalks being installed in Historic Filipinotown, but I didn’t get a chance to see them until yesterday. Maybe it’s just ’cause I’m a designer, but I think they look pretty nifty. The crosswalks, patterned after a traditional Filipino weave design, are being installed at three intersections on Temple as part of the streetscaping project that’s been going down. I don’t know what kind of effect a fancy crosswalk has crime or vandalism, but I imagine any improvement project (that’s funded and completed) probably helps. Unlike the giant, vacant edifice that is Belmont Learning Center. It really depressed me every time I drive by it, which is often. Check out the link for a crosswalk pic.

3 thoughts on “Stop, Look Both Ways, Stylishly Cross Street”

  1. nice, those are some cool crosswalks. will have to look for them the next time I’m taking the world’s fastest non-freeway route downtown.

    they should do that in all the other hoods as well. i’d love to see a giant pastrami burrito-shaped pattern at fairfax and willoughby, near oki-dog…just a thought…

  2. not only is the idea beautiful, the execution is as well.
    i hope they do it in other neighbourhoods as well.
    this is the kind of thing that really makes me homesick for l.a.

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