Creepy Photos of LA Women in Public points out one of the creepiest groups I’ve seen on Flickr to date (okay, I’m not naive, I just don’t explore a lot of the fringe groups). It’s called “A Girlwatchers Club.” Rule #2 for the group? “Images must be made in public. No peeping tom pictures through your neighbors window or hidden cameras in bathrooms please. Nudity on public beaches and women walking up stairs in skirts are OK! (emphasis added)

The group creator is called Girl Watcher (Robert Del) who takes photos of women in Los Angeles, specifically in Pasadena, The Grove and LA Farmers Market. While you might think they’re simply candid photos of Los Angeles residents, he tags them with body parts and clothing (legs, skirt, blonde, highheels). Illegal? hardly. Something to get up and protest about? probably not.

So, if you’re a woman in Los Angeles who might have visited one of those venues, who might happen to have legs, perhaps worn a tank top or skirt this summer and are under the age of 50 check to see what Girl Watcher and his group thinks of you. Cuz it’s just an honor to be noticed, right?

photo by elephanteum

UPDATE (8/13 11:20 PM): It seems that the description for the group has changed: “Rule #2: Images must be made in public. NO PEEPING TOM OR HIDDEN CAMERA SHOTS UP SKIRTS, PLEASE.

This is a group that celebrates and respects the natural beauty of all women.”

3 thoughts on “Creepy Photos of LA Women in Public”

  1. But last year, during the rains, Will C. here posted a picture originally in the LATimes of a woman being assisted from her flooded car–and he was all outraged about middle-aged white women getting assistance. How are these clowns any different?
    And after 50, women should be shot? Or just put into seclusion?
    What’s your point here?

  2. I have read and re-read your comment, and just do not understand how it relates to this post whatsoever. I remember that post, and don’t see how that post relates to THIS post.

    Isn’t the point of this post just to alert us to some creep taking secret photos of L.A. women at places like The Grove and posting them on Flickr? How can that not be creepy? What has that got to do with age? What has that got to do with floods? Or ageism? Are you pissed that this dude hasn’t yet diversified his creepy photostalking repitore to include 50-plus unknowing women subjects? I just don’t get your point.

  3. Looks like someone’s gone off her anti-troll meds รณ again! And she’d been doing somewhat well of late.

    Hey “Rachel,” do the world a favor and work on someday getting hip to the fact that you are patently clueless. And while you’re at it start laying the foundation that will allow you to crack open a dictionary and explore the meaning of the word “context,” because it seems to be something you are genetically inclined to distort.

    And if you’re going to deathlessly persist in taking yet another swipe at a post of mine, allow me to ref it so that people who might not have as good a memory as Caitlyn can go back and see how off-base you always so effortless manage to be:

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