Among Other Things, The Dodgers Need A Better Graphic Designer


With my Metsies in town for the weekend (down two outfielders – get well Cammy), I thought I’d pop on over to the Dodger’s website to buy some tickets. Then I was confronted with this mess.

Huh? How many tickets levels? How many shades of blue? Tan? I give up.

I bought some seats for Sunday (Vote for Pedro!). I hope they’re okay. I really have no idea. I may also pop down there for tonight’s game — if so, I’ll be late to the party, Kat. But maybe I’ll get you some of Pedro’s jheri curl juice. Or some pine tar. You’d like pine tar.

2 thoughts on “Among Other Things, The Dodgers Need A Better Graphic Designer”

  1. Forget the colors. The more important thing is the cost. The more it costs, the better the seat (generally). But in my opinion, there is no bad seat in the house.

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