Where can I was the meteor “outburst” tomorrow morning?

I love the Perseids but haven’t found a “place” to watch them that I’ve liked. I’ve been in Topanga Canyon (ok, but views can be somewhat obstructed), out to Castaic (too far), out by the beach (too much light), Griffith Observator (too many people, and it’s not open right now).

Any suggestions of a place to watch them?

Meteor ‘Outburst’ Expected Friday Morning

Peter Jenniskens
Principal Investigator, SETI Institute
SPACE.com Thu Aug 11,10:00 AM ET

For as long as records exist, the Perseid meteor showers have always been strong. This summer’s Perseid shower will be exceptional. The moon is mostly out of the way later in the night, and higher-than-normal activity rates are expected over the United States.

The Perseid shower’s parent body, comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle, is notable in being a comparatively huge comet in an orbit that passes close to Earth’s orbit frequently. It measures 24-31 kilometers in diameter, 2 to 3 times the size of comet Halley, and is so big that the continuous ejection of water vapor and dust during its approach to the Sun does not move the comet much off course. It has spewed dust for at least 5,000 years and most likely thirty times longer. It has built a massive meteoroid stream, most of which is located just outside of Earth’s orbit. Earth passes through the outer regions of that stream in July, and hits the center on August 12.