Subway scenery

As the carless member of, I can’t participate in discussions about traffic or bad driving, but I feel compelled to share that while riding on the red line tonight at approximately 5 p.m., I saw a man eating a plastic bag.

He was sitting in the center of the car, holding three plastic bags full of stuff and one empty one from the 99 Cents Store. As I watched, he took a bite of the empty bag and started chewing on the piece of plastic. I didn’t see if he swallowed it or not, because I was momentarily distracted by a woman walking past me, whose flip-flopped feet were covered entirely in gold glitter. When I looked back at the bag-eating man, he was gathering his possessions. He left the empty bag on the floor as he got off at the next stop.

3 thoughts on “Subway scenery”

  1. Yeah, I totally need a treo for subway moments like this. I could pretend I was playing with it and shoot a video or something. (My digital camera is way too conspicuous to pull out on the subway.)

  2. I took a photo of some guy in a suit reading the wall street journal and smoking crack on the red line once. You’d be surprised at what you can get away with on the subway.

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