Liz Phair rocks West Hollywood

lizphair081005.jpgOkay, that blurry camera phone photo might not look like much, but earlier tonight I saw Liz Phair at the Troubadour, and it was the best live music performance I’ve seen in Los Angeles. I think the Troubadour might be my new favorite place to see a live show. Even though it was sold out and I got there late, it didn’t feel overly packed, and the sound was amazing. I love places where you can get a beer and stand towards the back, and still see and hear everything.

I’ve listened to Liz Phair for a long time, and one of her older songs, “Go West,” was sort of my moving-to-L.A. theme song last year.

A few of the lyrics:

Safe on the interstate
New York Is three thousand miles away
And I’m not looking forward to following through
But it’s better than always running back into you
I’ve closed my eyes and my bank account
And gone west, young man

I didn’t get to hear that one tonight, but she played a ton of old stuff and talked to the audience a lot, which is an easy way to win my heart. At one point she asked for requests, and when everyone (including me) started yelling song names, she said it reminded her of that scene from Bruce Almighty where too many people are asking for stuff. So yeah, on top of sounding — and looking — amazing, she makes references to bad pop culture. I love this woman!

3 thoughts on “Liz Phair rocks West Hollywood”

  1. Benjamin, she did play that song at one point, and I saw a white-haired guy in the crowd singing along to every word. Very weird.

  2. Via a link on Daily Candy today, I saw that Craig’s List still had some tix. Reasonably priced, too.

    I like that venue, too, but (shameful admission) I had to wear earplugs. Almost TOO much sound in that small room.

  3. I love that venue for the sound, and even back up against the wall you feel up close.

    Colleen, ear plugs are a must for any show. I use the big neon yellow foam kind because I want to keep what hearing I have left esp. seeing three nights of shows (10 bands) this week.

    I look like a dork with or without them, but at least I can still hear.

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