Incident at Santa Monica Blvd. & Gower

This morning on my drive to work Santa Monica Blvd. was closed to traffic between Gower and Tamarind.

The last time I saw such a closure was on January 27th when Seily Rodriguez was killed while crossing the street. (Here’s more on the crosswalk situation.)

I am again frustrated by a lack of information about what happened. I’ve checked all the news websites (TV, radio, newspapers). I’ve even called a couple of places, including the local police station. There are two rumours floating around at work: one is that a pedestrian was critically injured and the other is that there was a bomb scare.

Does anyone have any info about this incident? And further, is there web access anywhere to the raw news feeds or police/fire incident reports?

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  1. It made me late to work today — backed up at 8:15 — I thought of that same incident. First thing I did was check all the news sites and for info. It looked exactly like the last time. I did notice that when the area was taped off there was this guy holding a “construction” sign and I didn’t notice as many cops standing inside the taped area, but that could all be contributed to circumstance.

  2. I had a similiar experience with the PCH recently. I work in the Palisades, and rely on PCH to get to work from the Culver City area. I saw on Good Day LA that there had been a horrible accident, and PCH North was shut down entirely, so I took another route. When I searched for info on what had occured later in the day, I found exactly nothing! No mention of that happening, and it made me wonder, how can something that affects maybe thousands of people not get a mention in the evening news, in the LA Times the next day, or even in the little Malibu local website. It was like it had never occured. Weird.

  3. KK- I agree about how we just don’t get the follow up info on this stuff. It’d be so easy to keep a record of this stuff on the web, just like small town newspapers do with their “polic blotter.”

    Last night there was a two vehicle accident on Lexington just east of Highland. A Honda Civic and some sort of SUV in a head-on collision. The Civic driver was taken away by ambulance and the street was closed for at least two hours. I can’t find any record of it anywhere.

  4. I was walking on Santa Monica from Vine to Gower at 9:20 this morning, and I did not notice any closures or back-up at that time.

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