In Other Traffic Snarl News ….

Just a heads up to those who commute via Sunset and Crescent Heights in the morning. SoCalorie at la.foodblogging alerts us to a FREE BEAR CLAW GIVEAWAY.

In celebration of the weekend opening of GRIZZLY MAN at local Los Angeles area theatres this Friday, several Grizzly Bears will be eagerly awaiting morning commuters at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Crescent Heights to provide passerbyĆ­s with morning nourishment of bear claw pastries. Pastries are to be provided by the LA Weekly beginning at 7am on Friday, August 12, 2005.

So, if you’re into getting your breakfast from giant muppets, be sure to swing by. If you’d like to get where you’re going, maybe avoid that intersection.

4 thoughts on “In Other Traffic Snarl News ….”

  1. That’s my normal commute path, so I drove by this morning. No traffic backup that I could detect. They were on the little sidewalk island on the Virgin Megastore side. A couple of folks were in the bear costumes while a couple of lackeys were running up to passing cars trying to toss them the bear claw (if they wanted it). I passed.

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