Dodgeball Invitation

Jessica Stover has just challenged us to some sort of beach dodgeball event. And by “challenged” I mean “invited”, because of course you should take all invites as challenges. Here’s the breakdown…

– Small fee, probably 12 bucks-ish to cover permit/equipment/etc., to be paid in advance via paypal.

– Cutoff of 50 people. Reservation only. The full event information will only be given to those with reservations.

– Rain or shine on a weekend in late August or early September. Maybe Labor Day weekend. Probably in the Palisades. I am open to date suggestions, but can’t do some dates due to an upcoming show. (Info on show tk.)

– Awesomeness involved.

– We are not talking old-skool-big-red-stupid-ball-peg-fest dodgeball here. You will meet in-and-out style dodgeball: A superior team sport that anyone can learn in five minutes. It is more challenging in some ways, yet you can get pegged and the ball doesn’t hurt. (Super fly, no-sting Gatorballs.) Plus, this version is not so much reliant on having an amazing arm as it is a mix of other skills, strategy and teamwork. In-and-out style dodgeball is pretty much unknown. I can’t even find the rules online.

There’s more on her site but you should get the idea by now. I remember one night back in April when J.Sto was rambling on about “In-and-out” dodgeball to a parking lot full of star wars nerds and no one there had ever heard of it either. Clearly this, combined with the fact that the internets have never heard of it means that she’s delusional and made the whole thing up, but keep that quiet, we can’t let her know we think she’s crazy in the head. Best best is probably just to humor her and and show up. Oh, and kick her ass at her own made up game, but that goes without saying.

7 thoughts on “Dodgeball Invitation”

  1. I love’d dodge ball. We called it cage ball because we had a court surrounded by a tall chain link fence. Made the game much faster not having balls fly astray.

    In 4th-6th grade I was a top pick whenever we played. Then one day tragedy struck, I beened a girl and she went blind in one eye. Enveloped by the guilt I developed a drinking problem and my career spiraled to “has been” status. Kids used to whisper as they passed the kid sprawled out on the playground surrounded by empty cartons of 2% milk.

    I wish I could overcome the pain and join ya. Instead I’ll just stay home, remember what might have been and play Halo 2

  2. Yes, sounds great but Gas is so expensive I may
    have to bike there, better yet…..I know of a
    really cheap place to get it.

    The place has draw backs:
    1. quality is a little impure
    2. you can get stuck filling up
    3. it’s technically public property
    4. You may pass out if you inhale.

    The La Brea Tar Pits

  3. No way, man. I spent eight years of my life getting pounded by basketballs during gym. (Yeah, that’s right, all you badasses–Chicago Catholic schoolgirls circa 1969 used BASKETBALLS!)

    While the damage to my internal organs has mostly healed, the psychic scarring remains too great.

    However, I do look forward to the blog post coverage, and especially the Flickr photos…

  4. In and out dodge ball does exist and it’s the only way to play. If you get hit and don’t catch the ball your out. If your in jail and hit someone on the other team your back in!

  5. OH YEAH……

    It’s all coming back to me. It was prison ball, not dodge ball we played!

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