The American Dream pt 10: Golden Gate Day

This is part 2 of a collection of diary entries by Dennis Fuller (Vikki‘s dad) during his holiday in Los Angeles (from London), January 2005. Links to earlier entries at the end of this post.

Sunday morning does not seem to be any different to any other day of the week there is still plenty of traffic around. Had a little drive around to familiarise myself and headed down to the seafront, I am sort of facing Alcatraz with the Golden Gate to my left it is so huge I am hard put to describe it and I realise that it is not open sea in front of me but San Francisco Bay. There is a lot of open parkland here with people strolling and walking their dogs etc, quite a lot of boats, it is not very nice weather wise so I am quite happy to drive around for a bit then Pull up and either sit and read or people watch.

Finally I decide it is time to cross the Bridge after all that was the point of coming here, I cant believe it, it could only happen to me it is lovely driving across but I only get halfway across and there is a traffic jam. Not too bad only takes me a half hour to get to the other side and it gives me time to have a good look at the scenery. Stayed in the right hand lane and eased my way in to the Vista Point. Some really nice statuary here all dedicated to the four marine services, all marble with four reliefs. The weather is still a bit overcast but there are still some nice views even the bridge footings are awesome. I can still see the traffic jam which seems to be going all the way down to Sausalito, so I parked up and had a read of me book, got some strange looks from the tourists but hey I was OK.

When the traffic had thinned out a bit I drove out of the vista point and followed my nose down to Sausalito and Fort Booker Sausalito looked like a very nice place but parking and I assume the shops seemed to be expensive. Considered getting the Ferry back, but as I looked the bugger sailed off so after driving around Fort Booker, it is set aside for youngsters and they did not seem to like the idea of letting me in on my own, I parked down by the dock and watched some people fooling about in a variety of boats. I had thought about driving over the Golden Gate then along the north shoreline and back over the East Bay Bridge and so back into S.F. effectively driving around San Francisco Bay, but the distance is a lot further than I thought, I donĂ­t think you could do it in a day. Drove back over the bridge it costs $5 to get back into San Francisco, disappointed with myself for not waiting for the ferry, but I had a great time driving over the bridge and around San Francisco. Its amazingly easy to get lost although it does not matter as I found some great little parks and vista points. Amazingly I found a free parking place in Golden Gate park, where they have a variety of gardens I visited the Shakespeare Garden, very pleasant. I found a little bench bathed in the late afternoon sunshine, it was very distracting with some pretty members of the opposite sex strolling past and tourists asking me directions, that was a laugh. Went back to the Motel to dump the car and get ready for the evening.

I set off to Chestnut Street where I found a great Chinese Restaurant, had the strangest Minestrone soup followed by Beef Strips with noodles all washed down with two glasses of California White Wine. Whole lot came to $23 I enjoyed it so much I gave the waitress $30 and told her to keep the change as it was so nice. I had seen a motel that was advertising an Internet facility. It was a sort of pay as you go affair it was great I managed to send Pat and Vikki an email and checked my inbox it cost a $1 for 7 minutes. It took me 20 minutes and cost $3, which I paid on my credit card Great Huh. Found another bar but being Sunday it was very quiet so I had a few beers and went back to the motel where I had some scotch and watched TV.

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