Parlour Club, R.I.P…


Last Friday was the final night of The Parlour Club/Bricktops’ existence under its existing ownership (previous posts about the sale here and here), so a private party was held at the venue (which included a live performance of Pretty Things with The Ditty Bops‘ Abby DeWald), and Vaginal Davis blogged about it:

The end of a Barbara Carerra, Friday Aug 5th with Bricktops, at what now can be called the Funeral Parlour. Great evening of performances… I’m so overcome and overwhelmed, that i want to apologize to anyone I’ve left out, there are soooo many people responsible for the success of Bricktops. I also want to say sorry to those who weren’t able to get inside for the last Bricktops at the Funeral Parlour, it was my hope that all could partake free of charge and drink for FREE all the liquor in the joint. If i owned the space that would have been the case, but alas black drag queens rarely own the clothes on their backs, let alone,their own home, a car or a pub.