Looks like a wildfire in the Hollywood Hills north of Sunset. Anyone near there or know the details? I shot some video but I can’t upload it from where I’m at.

5 thoughts on “Wildfire?”

  1. ABC 7 is calling it a small fire near some homes on Nichols Canyon. Lots of fire trucks keep whizzing past (I’m at work near Hollywood and Highland), so it certainly seems like something big is going on.

  2. I just got home after coming over Laurel Canyon from the valley and didn’t see anything on the way, but, upon reaching Hollywood, it looks like they have Laurel Canyon completely closed off heading into the valley, so lots of fun traffic around there now.

  3. From ABC.com: A small fire is burning in the Hollywood Hills. It was reported at 5:43 pm in the 1700 block of Nichols Canyon. A Los Angeles city fire spokesman says some structures are threatened, but no injuries have been reported.

  4. I just came out of the subway at Universal City, and everything over there is a giant smoke cloud, with bits of ash falling from the sky. I left the windows open in my apartment, and now it smells like someone has been trying to start a campfire in here.

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