5 thoughts on “What’s Missing?”

  1. The L.A. Times website is the worst for breaking news. I always head for nbc4.tv first as they’ll at least briefly mention local stories.

    But it really is amazing how little local breaking news is available in this city compared to everywhere else I’ve lived.

  2. I wouldn’t go to a newspaper for a “story in progress”. I would expect them to write up a fire after it has been put out. For excited, breathless reportage of as few facts as possible (“We’ll break in as soon as we learn something, in the meantime, here are the two facts we do have… again.”) I definitely reccomend local TV news. I know, the web is different, but some things will never change (yet).

  3. TV? What’s that?

    I came home to Burbank around 6:30 and was freaked out because the smoke, by that time, had drifted pretty much over my home. Driving up Hollywood Way I kept looking for the fire trucks. Relieved that my cats hadn’t burned down the place, I (obviously) turned to the web to find out what was going on.

    Thinking KFWB.com would be all over it, I checked their “local news” section and found stories about Jacko, the Space Shuttle, a sea lion, and Cal Trans new signage, (no doubt all *very* important local news stories) but nothing on the fire in-progress.

    Soon I found the info I wanted, right here! Once again, saved (well okay, informed) by bloggers!

  4. Hey Sean, how about blogging.la investing in a police scanner so we can get all the latest info? Maybe we can stream it live on the ‘net.

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