The American Dream pt 9: San Francisco

This is part 9 of a collection of diary entries by Dennis Fuller (Vikki‘s dad) during his holiday in Los Angeles (from London), January 2005. Links to earlier entries at the end of this post.

No more messing about according to the Route master it is supposed to take 12 hours to get from Los Angeles to San Francisco, it has taken me a week. So it is straight on to the 101 for San Francisco. Probably due to the T-bone I ate last night I am not in the least bit hungry, so just stopped once for coffee and to stretch my legs. San Francisco is huge, I am still having trouble getting my bearings because the street signs seem, to me, to be around the wrong way. Pulled into a garage to get directions I am apparently going the right way, it is just that the distance is so great that I am expecting to see a site about 20 minutes before I arrive at it. Having said that I nearly drove straight over the Golden Gate Bridge. Just saw the viewing platform in time and pulled in to it. Just could not resist getting the camcorder out and the camera but I was still wearing shorts and a Tee shirt. Obviously because the bridge is quite high up it is very windy and cold. Fortunately I spotted a road that lead down to S.F. without having to go back on the Highway.

Last week Steve had told me that the best and cheapest Motels were on Lombard Street, I could not find the Econo Lodge so tried the Economy Lodge, The guy wanted $55 per night, so I showed him my voucher book he said that it was invalid on Saturdays, I said that I wanted to stay two nights so He let me have the booking for $100 or $50 per night which seemed reasonable to me. Had a little walk around to familiarise myself and found a little cafÈ where I ate sausage egg and chips, must remember not to ask for chips as Americans think chips are crisps, if you want proper chips you have to ask for French Fries, donít know why bloody French did not invent them. Went back to the room, the motel is like a small block of flats with external balconies and as I am on the third floor I have quite a view along the length of Lombard Street. I had noticed that at the back where I had parked the Stratus was a road that led up to a sort of military camp set in a huge park, along the road there was a few shops a cafÈ/restaurant and a sports bar, I am a bit tired so I will make do with the sports bar for tonight. It was ok I had a few beers and a chat with the barman and early night. Big day of sightseeing tomorrow.

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