Someone Knocking On The Door

landing.jpgUp waaaay too early because almost a week later I’m still not back to a normal sleep pattern after most of three weeks abroad, I’m sitting at my computer doing a Google image search for William Jennings Bryan (nevermindthat) when I hear two distinct thumps on the windows behind me. Earthquake? No. Coupla blind birds hitting the side of the house? Negative. But the dog across the street is barking like mad. What gives? I look at the clock ó 5:07 a.m. ó and then it dawns on me: sonic booms. The shuttle’s landing at Edwards. Better yet, she’s landed. Safely. Welcome home Discovery.

One thought on “Someone Knocking On The Door”

  1. I was wondering what the hell that was…I live near Warner Bros. and I thought something on their lot blew up; didn’t sound like gunshots.

    Obviously a spacecraft. That was option number two on my list of what caused the booms…really, it was! :)

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