Is Heavy Trash at it again?

Hughes at seeingeyeblog emailed yesterday with this photo and question:

I spotted this posted on the metrobus stop @ wilshire+la brea yesterday. Couldn’t figure out who’s behind this…

Fear not Hughes, I’m on it and I was tickled to see the photo of the sign. You see, back in 2000 a group known as Heavy Trash started posting large versions of these signs announcing the new Aqua Line, which was a subway to the sea. (The large signs showed that it would have been a route straight down Wilshire Blvd, starting at Western and ending at Ocean.) I know, it makes an excellent point about how to make our city more liveable and friendly … and what’s so poignant about it is that it’s true. I would absolutely take the subway to the beach. I’d also take the subway to the airport, but that’s been proven undoable.

Now, you’re saying to yourself, Heavy Trash, that sounds familiar. Some folks may remember the installation earlier this year of little staired platforms for people to observe folks inside gated communities.

If anyone knows if there is an actual effort to create an Aqua Line of some sort, leave a comment here.

5 thoughts on “Is Heavy Trash at it again?”

  1. There’s no “official” MTA program (that I know of), but with the Gold Line Extension (funded) and Expo Line (not funded), they’ve got their hands full for the next few years. Once the Expo Line is funded, it’s possible that MTA will consider it, but it’s hard to imagine (for me) that they would undertake a massive program like that with no federal funding (because of the Waxman ban on federal funding for subways in the Fairfax district). Perhaps that can be changed especially with an LA mayor friendly to the idea. Or maybe someone has a few billion dollars lying around they wouldn’t mind parting with?

  2. Oh ya and once the currently planned Expo Line is funded or built, it’s probably more likely that the Expo Line itself will be extended to Santa Monica before a subway. It would certainly be a whole lot cheaper if not as useful. Though any extension beyond Culver City may involve a fight with NIMBYs.

  3. a line following the route you mention that actually followed Western would end where Western does – in San Pedro. And since other lines that would’ve headed for San Pedro have veered off to greener pastures (Blue Line, I’m looking at you), I’d guess it highly unlikely any metrolove ever shines on my jewel of a hometown . . . .

    shoot – i’d settle for the same quality commuter express buses bestowed upon the Peninsula and west LA.

  4. Exposition Line IS currently funded, at least reportedly. The MTA (sorry, Metro), moved some money around and came up with about $650 million bucks, which supposedly would be enough to build it out to Culver City by 2010. There’s generally community support across the board for it. The only NIMBYs in the picture were in Cheviot Hills/Rancho Park, but a long time ago Metro moved the Expo line route further south to go along Venice Blvd. all the way to Sepulveda, where it would make a right turn and go north on Sepulveda, turn left again, following Exposition down to downtown Santa Monica and the ocean. Odds are also rather good for an extension of the Gold Line to at least Irwindale, (no money yet but a lot of political support) and the extension to East L.A. is underway and should be done in four years.

  5. Oh yeah, and Waxman at least paid lip service to supporting a repeal on the ban against constructing subways in the Fairfax area. He may not hold to that, but at least he’s weakening on the topic. He said if someone could convince him that in the 20 years since the ban was enacted, new technologies to mitigate underground gases had been made doable, he would look at rescinding the ban. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll have to wait for: a) Waxman to die, since he will probably continue to be re-elected until then, or b) extend the subway down Wilshire only as far as LaBrea Avenue, which is where the ban kicks in. That one would be a lot cheaper, and would be somewhat helpful.

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