Invaders Abducted

DEKISHI on Flickr posted this morning that some of the LA Invaders are either painted over or have had their tiles chipped off. He listed the following that he’s checked out: LA 086, LA 092, LA 093, LA 105, LA 080 & LA 046 are all destroyed.

I haven’t been out to confirm any of this, but I’m curious to hear if anyone else knows if it’s the city treating it as if it’s grafitti or if it’s just some stoopid dicks defacing them. I guess I shouldn’t have expected them to remain untouched forever, but there are so many I haven’t seen yet.

Most readers will remember the recent exhibition at sixspace by Invader, rubikcubism and that Los Angeles was graced with some lovely new space-invaders to supplement the ones that were installed back in ’99 and were followed by several other waves.

photo by Emanuel Treeson (6/16/2005)

5 thoughts on “Invaders Abducted”

  1. Yes, I’ve heard that as many as 30 pieces in Los Angeles have been destroyed. This includes our piece that has been outside the gallery for 3 years. I’m working on a post on abLA to try to dig up more scoop.

  2. I know that my work outside is not for etenity, but I don’t like the idea of one unique person breaking it. I don’t know what are his motivations but It’s a shame to spend so much energie to break the work of someone else. I would have perfer him to be creative rather that destructive !

  3. The one in Venice (#72) is also gone which I only noticed because I got a new camera to photograph it. I haven’t been down to the beach to check out the others but they are likely gone too.

    How about a rehabilitation project? We can easily reconstruct the invaders based on prior photos…

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