“apprentice” wanted

As part of my continuing quest to crack the code of the hidden messages cloaked in handmade signs around the city, I grabbed this hasty camera phone shot of a sign claiming to need an “apprentice.” I’m not exactly sure why the word “apprentice” is in quotes, as the word itself does not need that type of special treatment. UNLESS the real estate investor is looking for something more than a simple apprentice. Maybe s/he is looking for an “apprentice.” We all know what those foreboding quotes mean: Lots of coffee runs, dry cleaning pickup, possible impromptu desk sex, and becoming the scapegoat for anything that goes wrong.

“I really wanted to get that check over to you as a sign of good faith on that mini-mall, but my damn “apprentice” dropped the ball. I promise to “punish” her (on my desk, after we split the bottle of congratulatory merlot I’ve been saving from that beachfront deal).”

Of course, the other option is that the sign is a signal for those in the know. “Apprentice” in quotes means something significant to a few people out there and truthfully, only they would be savvy enough to call a secret number publicly displayed on a handmade yellow sign. Nobody can possibly be foolish enough to think that an actual real estate investor worth his/her salt would be advertising in basically the same way that people advertise yard sales, can they? I think not. Sommething deeper is afoot. Don’t you think?

Fine, maybe I’m making more of this than it is. Maybe some real estate investor just needs an apprentice. Unlikely, I say. The quotes are “sketchy.”

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  1. Geez Shane, I just put that sign up as a way to find a local individual who might be interested in learning real estate development from one such as myself. :) I didn’t realize that it was going to turn in to a Rorshach test.

    If I am ever looking for work, there is no way I am going to work as your assistant, man! Drycleaning, skapegoat, coffee…. Daaaamn! :)

    (kidding on all counts, of course)

  2. OK, OK, but seriously,

    You could call and find out what is afoot.

    (Then report back to us, of course.)


  3. I saw one of those signs on the Redondo Beach Blvd. on-ramp to the 405; also thought it seemed weird

  4. Perhaps a silly question, but…why don’t you just call the number? Sure, that might take all the fun mystery out of it, but now I’m curious to know what it’s all about. Please report on your findings.

  5. I also saw this sign, in Beverly Hills somewhere off of Sunset. What I wondered when I read it, and am still wondering now…is why a Real Estate agent would need an “apprentice” to begin with. Isn’t it the apprentice who needs to seek real estate firms/agents and ask if they, well, take apprentices or do interships? I’ve never heard of a real estate firm actively SEEKING apprentices, or “apprentices”, at that. Although I guess this is not a firm, just an agent.

    Super fishy, like all of the other signs around town. The one that pisses me off the most is the “star maps here” sign…the police should shut these people down because star maps promote stalking, in my personal opinion.

  6. Lisa–unknot your undies–the star maps are about 40 years out of date. THey show mainly dead stars’ houses. They have Lucille Ball, for example, living in BH.
    But, you’re new here, aren’t you?
    I like the “lose your accent” signs, myself.

  7. I pulled up over a dozen of these today.

    please do the same. We have
    enough trash on the side of the road
    without these.

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