The American Dream pt 5: Vikki’s Birthday

This is part 5 of a collection of diary entries by Vikki‘s dad during his holiday in Los Angeles (from London), January 2005. Links to earlier entries at the end of this post.

My first thought of the day is that it is my daughter Vikkiís Birthday. I spoke to the girl on reception and she directed me to the Library. Decided to go to Madonnaís motel first. What a magnificent place, it has been run by the same family since the 30ís, for more info go to their website It is a terrific place if I remember correctly they have around 130 rooms and they are all decorated in a different style, even the restroom was made to look like a waterfall with rocks and everything, the public areas i.e. the dining room, restaurants etc are indescribable you just have to see for yourself. I had ham and eggs which was delicious, while I was eating it three attractive late 20 somethingís sat down opposite and I could not help overhearing that one of them was celebrating her birthday that day as well. I could not resist explaining to them the obvious and we had a brief chat and they wished me well. The waitress brought her out a balloon and made a great fuss which I thought was really nice. I got them to take a photo of me and the waitress, they thought I would prefer the younger prettier waitress, but I said no I wanted the one that served me, continuity ennit.

I found the library and a parking spot, no mean feat in this town, the librarian very kindly issued me with a visitors card which entitled me to 30 minutes on the web, free. This enabled me to send Vikki a virtual birthday card, as she would not be waking up to her birthday for another 8 hours I am delighted. Sent another e mail to my partner explaining how difficult it is to get internet access and to let her know I am OK, checked the rest of my email which is mostly spam, I love email you can let people know that you are thinking of them but you do not have to physically speak to them.

Decided that St Luis Obispo is a lovely place/town but not what I want to see at the moment, so hit the 101 and aimed for Morro Bay. Shock Horror drove into Morro Bay only to discover that it was literally closed. Had a look at the beach and I figure that Skegness has a better beach. Drove around and along the front but most places were closed, went into a liquor mart and picked up some supplies scotch beer you know the essentials, anyway the owner told me that January was when most people in Morro took their holidays. Nice guy he looked a bit like a retired Hells Angel said I would be better off further north. Some good old boys told me that Highway I was closed due to an avalanche so I drove along Highway 41 to 101 and then onto Highway 46 to get back on to Highway 1. Only to discover that the good old boys were wrong and I could have drove straight through. Having said that I am very happy because those Highways, 41 and 46 are incredible. There have been a few occasions when I have slowed the Stratus right down and hugged the mountainside because of the drop on the other side but I cannot describe the feeling of driving across a mountain at 1,760ft and nothing on either side of me barring a very long drop. I remember thinking to myself if you made a mistake anywhere else you would have a bit of damage to the car and be very embarrassed, if you made a mistake here you would be dead. A truly wonderful experience.

Deep joy, on top of the previous driving, the views or vistaís really are excellent, Cambria where I have just arrived is the best place yet. Spotted the Bluebird Inn Motel which is advertising a special rate, $58 for the night. Had a wander around town and saw some really nice curiosity and antique shops. Amongst other things found a great little bar called Mustache Peteís (correct spelling) at first I was going to give it a pass as there were a couple of guys a little bit worse for wear, quite boisterous and noisy. I had a beer anyway and then got talking to Gladys, what a superb Lady she said she had noticed me because I was wearing a bright red t-shirt. I explained that I wore it because it had the Fullerís brewery logo. She then realised I was English and started to tell me all about her daughter in law who was from Leicester, being a gentleman I offered to buy her a drink, she accepted introduced herself as Gladys and had a vodka martini. During our conversation she told me that her son had been a Police Officer and a Marine and was now doing some thing in the travel industry. She also told me that he was 60 years old but that she was only 49. Gladys introduced me to the Owner whose name happened to be Dennis and the barmaids Colleen, Heather and Amber great people I bought them all a drink and asked them to toast Vikki as it was her 14th Birthday.

Enjoying myself so much that I decided I had better eat the soup was so nice that it increased my appetite so I followed it up with a rather nice bowl of Pasta and Meat Sauce, soaked up all the beer a treat. It was getting late and as I had been out in the sunshine earlier I was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt and was starting to feel the cold so I bought a rather nice top with a hood, bright red with the Mustache Pete Logo in white for $36 approximately £22.00p, nice souvenir of a fantastic day. Made my way back to the Bluebird, no nightcap tonight straight to bed and slept like a baby.

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  1. Just to let everyone know that Vikki’s age is a typing error, not sure I should correct it so if you want to know how old she is you will have to ask her.

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