Slapped With Fine Councilman Garcetti Set To Flee To Armenia

There was a small news item in today’s L.A. Times alerting readers to the fact that nothing gets by the city’s crack ethics commission ó especially four-year-old shit like city council candidates who don’t submit all their campaign literature to them apparently for their perusal and approval.

That’s right, folks… my otherwise squeeky clean and much beloved Councilman Eric Garcetti has agreed to fork over a $5,000 penality for ó the horror! ó what he calls an oversight that resulted in him failing to submit 10 pieces of packaged campaign rhetoric to the ethics czars during his 2001 drive for the 13th council district seat.

In fact, sources have revealed that it wasn’t so much the Garcetti campaign’s failure to submit the documents that got the ethics commissioners’ collective undergarments all in a bunch so much as it was the tone of selected literature, which while effective in giving Garcetti the winning edge, was said to border on the crude and sophomoric (for a larger view, click on Ethics Commission Exhibit No. 1A-005Q at right).

Garcetti is said to have cooperated fully with the commission during the investigation, but with the announcment of the fine levied against him, he appears on the verge of fleeing the country first to Armenia and then to Beirut, where it is expected he will resist any extraditions efforts ó and I don’t blame him one bit.

Look, it’s good the commission is doing its job keeping our elected officials ethical and all, but in terms of election violations there are some doozies out there, and not getting some pamphlets and brochures vetted seems some pretty small bullshit ó putting a petty blemish on the otherwise excellent and exceptional record of my favorite politico. Ever.