Robots destroying stuff! pal and my neighbor Christian Ristow will be staging a performance of his infamous robots this evening. There will be live robot warfare, and a little bird that collects mannequins told me that this might be the last Robochrist performance for a while, so it shouldn’t be missed. I mean, you can’t go wrong – robots kicking each other’s metal “asses” and destroying stuff like televisions and anything else that stands in their way? That’s pure entertainment gold, my friends. Besides, it’s an L.A. Weekly pick of the week.

The robot mayhem will be going on at the Steve Allen Theater at the Center for Inquiry – West. Destruction commences at 8 PM.

One thought on “Robots destroying stuff!”

  1. That was a fun time… loved seeing the futurists, the mad-musicians, and of course the robotic mayhem!

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