French Cafe, Los Feliz Attitude (not a good thing!)

The other night my better half and I went out for a friendís birthday party. We were invited to CafÈ Figaro, a quaint little French restaurant on Vermont in Los Feliz. We arrived a bit early and decided to sit and get a few drinks while we waited for the other people in our party. Although the cafÈ looked classy, the first thing I noticed was that we had to seat ourselves, and even after we did it took almost 10 minutes to get a menu. The menu we received was given to us by one of the rudest waitresses I have ever come across (and thatís saying a lot considering most of my favorite places to dine are cheap greasy spoons). She didnít smile, say hello, ask us how we were, nothing! She just thrust the menu into our hands and returned another 10 minutes later. I can be pretty indecisive, but 10 minutes to get a drink order? Come on! Finally our friends arrived, but, of course, we couldnít find seating, and with no member of the staff willing to help us, we just floated around the restaurant until finally deciding to squeeze around the tiny bar. At this point Jason and I decided to get our check and go because weíd had enough, and with us gone our friends might actually have a chance at getting a table. He had ordered a beer and I a water- thatís it. Our check was $16! WTF? Seriously, for a Vermont cafÈ thatís pretty steep. And with the service we got we made sure to leave exact change.
But wait, it gets even betterÖ.

So after we left our friends finally found seating outside, where they were not attended to nor even given any menus. No one bothered with them until the same surly waitress we had came up and asked them if they were considering ordering anything. When they said they had simply been waiting for menus, she told them flat out that they were a small restaurant and didnít have enough menus for all of them. What is that?!? If you have enough seats for them you should have enough menus, right? What a joke! And this place wants to charge $7 for a bottle of water?!?
I must say that I have eaten there before, and while the service is ALWAYS shit, the food is pretty amazingly good. Just donít go there if you have more than 3 people with you or you feel like being treated like a human being. Because thatís not going to happen.

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  1. I wish it was still the Onyx coffee house, with local artists hanging on the wall.

    Never patronized the place ’cause it’s too many $$$ – when I want to spend that kind of dough, I prefer to go to Campanile or something.

  2. Been there once for breakfast. The server first proved herself severely congeniality challenged, then got our order wrong, then overcharged us. Never again.

  3. Huh. I’m surprised. I’ve only been there once – about a week ago – and the waiter was incredibbly sweet and attentive and the food was great. It was a bit pricey – $9 for crepes – but the food was great. I went for breakfast at 8:30 on a Sunday morning. Maybe it’s hit or miss?

  4. I’ve also only been there once, for lunch. There were just 2 of us and we had a nice french girl as our waitress. The food was also pretty good.

  5. I’ve been there twice for dinner, though not in a very long time. The service, while slow, was never rude, though not particularly warm either ((stereo)typically French?). The food was excellent, but a little pricey. And at the risk of sounding like a snob, the decor, while nice, is a little unrefined for a restaurant with prices on the high end (but I suppose understandable since it’s a cafe).

    Unless I’m craving their ox tail or duck, I’d rather go to Lucques or Josie.

  6. Yeah, I agreee….it seems like a cool place, outside seating, cool cafe atmosphere….but for what you get, the food and wine is simply overpriced. I agree with mr. hooks, for that kinda money….lucques or A.O.C is a muuuuuch better deal.

  7. I went there once for a birthday party with 20 people,and the owner of Figaro got pissed off at our party for not ordering enough food and drink even though everyone had at least 3 glasses of wine and an entree to themselves.He told us we had cost him thousands of dollars and then told us never to come back.

    It was really f’ed up.

  8. Had previously only had breakfast there when I lived in the hood…and then just about a month ago, the girl i was dating wanted to go there for her birthday dinner. Two people, one appetizer, two entrees, one bottle wine, shared dessert: $200. Thanks Figaro! For that price I could have walked four doors down to Y Que and bought enough R Kelly tshirts to outfit every single crackhead transient on the corner of Los Angeles and 6th. THAT would have been a date to remember.

    Good food but prices are an absolute joke.

  9. Maybe next time, try the Brite Spot.

    OOPS, how could i forget, their servers are assholes too!

  10. Ooh, Benjamin’s story about the manager is frightfully good and uniquely rude. But I’ve always thought Figaro was too much on the ‘tude. Plus, if you don’t like cigarette smoke, you’re going to have problems, as the outdoor seating area always sems to be jampacked with chainsmokers and the wind always seems to be blowing in…
    But now the Fig has a rival in rudeness just a couple of blocks away: the Alcove on Hillhurst. Whoo boy. And don’t order the fruit salad unless you like tired, translucent, slimy melon.
    Also, the Brite Spot does have some nonrude servers. And that little old lady working there is adorable.

  11. oops, sorry. It was Nahmi’s story about the manager freak-out, not Benjamin’s.

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