“I’m not a cop, but I play one in the Explorer Scouts…”

So if you’ve been pulled over by a youngish-looking cop in the El Monte area lately, it may have been a Scout.

Teen Explorer Scouts Allegedly Pose As Cops, Stop Drivers

Police Arrest Both Boys

EL MONTE, Calif. — A 15-year-old boy from La Puente and a 17-year-old boy from El Monte were arrested on suspicion of impersonating police officers, authorities said Tuesday.

Both boys were members of the El Monte police department’s Explorer Progam, which is designed to give young people the chance to learn more about becoming a police officer, NBC4 reported.

But Explorer Scouts are not allowed to act like police officers.

El Monte police received a report Thursday from a motorist who said he believed he had been stopped by an individual posing as a law enforcement officer, said Christopher Cano, a detective with the El Monte Police Department.

The motorist reported the suspect vehicle had emergency lights with some type of siren system, Cano said. The motorist initially thought he was being stopped by an undercover surveillance vehicle.

However, when the suspect approached the motorist, the motorist realized the suspect was too young to be a police officer. [full story]

Anyone with additional information on the case was asked to call Cano at (562) 580-2142.

2 thoughts on ““I’m not a cop, but I play one in the Explorer Scouts…””

  1. Guess who was an Explorer in VA?


    They took us rappelling and we got to do building search exercises at night at warehouses.

    I am now fully prepared to play an FBI agent in any movie.

  2. Oh man! That brings me back to my days as an Explorer Scout with the West L.A. Division in high school. Armed with a one-million candle power Q-beam, a CB with a public-address speaker wired to it under the hood a whole lot of attitude and apparently nothing better to do, my best friend and fellow scout and I used to cruise Sunset in his Toyota Celica posing as undercover cops rousting hookers and johns during their negotiations by throwing the blinding light on them and announcing over the loudspeaker “THIS IS THE POLICE!” It was all fun and games until we attempted that in an alley and a pimp pulled a revolver on us. We didn’t hang around and we retired from duty after that. Good times.

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