Subway, SIGGRAPH and the amazing VAPIRô vaporizer

The Boyfriend & I decided to head down to SIGGRAPH this morning and get our graphic geek on. Not wanting to deal with driving downtown (much less fork over 10 to, by the time we left, 15 bucks to park near Staples Center), we elected to take the subway. After about 10 minutes of feeding each machine every one of our $5 bills, we finally found one machine and six singles that worked. (And no, we couldn’t use quarters, as someone had jammed the coin slot.) I’m all for taking public transportation and I’m one of the people who would gladly pay valuable tax dollars to have a subway go through my neighborhood (Wilshire) but WTF?!? We are NOT making the honor system any easier.

As an aside, I’m afraid as a geekfest, SIGGRAPH fell a bit short of the “glorious” that Koga had hoped foróat least, it was for a plain old print designer. The two coolest items there were these tiny, 7-button mice these guys in Berkeley must be making in their garage (I found a squashed ant and some fine, doggy-type fuzz in my hermetically sealed container) and an “herb” vaporizer the handheld version of which came with (ahem) a mouthpiece. It’s pitched as a smoking cessation device, but the demonstrators were quick to point out one could use it in lieu of air freshener and somewhat more reluctantly confirmed with The BF that yes, any dried herb could be usedóthough the website clearly states their products are not meant to be used with illegal substances.

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  1. i’ve never had much luck with $5 bills in the metro ticket machines. but if there’s a change machine, those always seem to handle them. the downside, if you don’t like them, is that you end up with two dollar coins if you’re just buying one day-pass.

  2. Wow. I don’t know what’s inappropriate about commenting on the trick to getting bills to go into the machines at the subway station, but… my comment keeps getting rejected for having inappropriate content. Who’s running this blog? The MTA?

  3. parking at the convention center is $10, all day, and the west lot (at least) is not full even at 2pm. we had planned to take the metro, but with the hassle of getting to the red line, combined with round trip tickets for two, cost-value analysis pointed toward driving and paying.

  4. Last winter I was trying to buy a ticket on the red line to get home on one of those ferociously rainy nights. It was late. I was tired. And the trains were only running every 20 minutes. The stupid machines would not take any of my ones or quarters. I missed one train and gave up buying a ticket for the next. You know where this is going. The ticket police were waiting at my destination. They took me over to the side to process me. I was furious and embarrassed. I am a total rule follower and to have my integrity questioned at that point of that particular day was more than I could bear. I started to cry and I guess that made my pupils look funny because they began shining thier flashlights in my eyes and asking me if I was on cocaine. It pays to be pathetic. They let me go with a warning. I cried and fumed as I walked home. In the rain. Yeah MTA!

  5. I missed the convention, but made it to the after-party for the SIGGRAPH Fashion Show, and it was quite interesting and geek-tacular. Downtown at the tiny venue Space Island, the after-party transplanted a group of SIGGRAPH’s finest geeks and mixed them in with some of LA’s more entertaining DJs, some of the Mutaytor mutants, the performance band Soul in the Machine (and their wildly artistic home-brewed musical/art gear) and a storm of light and sound. I had to leave early (the girl had to teach this morning, and I had to be at the office), but the place was really picking up around midnight. You could just see the SIGGRAPH crowd eating up the creativity and tech that went into the construction of such an alt_art scene.

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