18 thoughts on “Paul Frank Spreads The Gospel”

  1. That is kinda funny ’cause on the paul frank website there is a model wearing ugg boots.

  2. Sean- You just KNOW you’re gonna have a pair of UGG boots under the christmas tree this year!

  3. Personally, I like UGG boots. I even like they way they look. I do think that it doesn’t make sense to wear them in the middle of summer when it’s 85 degrees out though, especially since they’re lined with wool!

    Sean – put your foot into one (no socks) and you may be converted. However, I’m sure you would never admit it or where them in public. : )

  4. now lets see one with cowboy boots and one with “prairie skirts” and we’re good! those are waaaaaaaay more offensive and dumb than uggs. which are somewhat offensive.

  5. if this is really a tshirt by paul frank, as i don’t care for uggs, it’s a bit of a disappointment that paul frank would get sucked into pitiful “somebody else’s design” bashing -not cool

  6. I agree with the nice rack comment… and what’s offensive about cowboy boots? Prarie skirts I can understand… but cowboy boots? nahhhh…

  7. they are only not cool if you have a college degree or you are a white girl who lives in Silver Lake or Echo Park pretending to be “edgy” by living next to La Raza of LA–PENDEJAS– TREND FOLLOWERS– Yuppies Suck–they ruin everything– Isnt there already a place for yuppies where they could all wear these shirts and drive old volvos or a some version of a eco-friendly car.

  8. So last year when we were at the Toronto Film Festival, it was like the height of the Ugg/Poncho craze. We were totally on poncho/ugg watch as a pre-screening activity.

    A few months later, I was at a screening in LA and actually saw an UGG Poncho. Yeah it was made from the same material they make the boots from and it was a pink poncho.

    I was so stunned, my husband had to pick me up off the floor.

    Just say no.

  9. I remember when me and my friends wore uggs to climb up and down cliffs in Palos Verdes to go to surfer bonfires, and that was when they weren’t cool 5y ears ago, but now we must wear sandles and endure the pain of spikey plants.

  10. My first experience with UGGs was in the mid to late 80’s when I worked at a surf shop. That was the only place you could buy them. Not at Nordstrom or some trendy boutique on Melrose or Montana. In fact, I think there was at least an equal number of guys that wore them as well. This makes sense since they originated in Australia and were made for surfers to pull on after getting out of the water.

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