“Only a rooster gets a better piece of chicken”



What do you think about that slogan? (Evidently, the slogan has been used for about 20 years.)


‘Chicken’ Reference On Hooters Billboard Ruffles Feathers

Medical Center Employees Bring Complaints To City

LOS ANGELES — A reference to roosters and chickens on a Hooters billboard has ruffled some feathers.

Employees at Kaiser Permanente-Baldwin Park Medical Center, which is beneath the billboard along the San Bernardino Freeway, brought their complaints to the city. They claim the billboard’s slogan — “Only a rooster gets a better piece of chicken” — is “indecent or obscene.” [full story]

8 thoughts on ““Only a rooster gets a better piece of chicken””

  1. What kills me about these people who are so offended, is that they get the joke. If they were truly so innocent and naive, they’d just say, “I don’t get it”. So really they’re just as demented and twisted as us regular folk. Actually more so.

  2. Oh, puuulllleeeeezzzzzz. Don’t these people have anything better to do, like treating patients?

    Maybe the girls from Hooters should start picketing Kaiser for lower medical insurance rates!

  3. People think that’s obscene? Driving out of LAX last night on the long-term shuttle bus, I passed — in the company of tourists, families, etc. — the impossible-to-miss live nude joint on Airport Blvd. It now features a sign, bigger than you’d ever believe, that says:


    Yes, apostrophe and all.

  4. Seriously, I don’t get it. Maybe a guess on what the word, ‘rooster’ is suggesting but… I don’t get it.

  5. To IT:
    The emphasis isn’t really on the word “rooster” other than the fact that a rooster is a male chicken. The emphasis for this exercise in poor taste is the word “piece”. Get it?

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