If Only We’d Have Some Nice Weather Around Here


This is what my weather Widget displayed this morning for 90026. Most of my friends that don’t live here (and have never been here) are under the mistaken impression that it’s 100∫ in Los Angeles all summer long. These are the kinds of things that I like to send to them just when the high temps and humidity in their city both hit the upper 90’s.

And while I’m on the subject of Widgets, I found one called Gas that will show you the cheapest petrol within a specified radius of your zip code. There’s apparently somewhere around Koreatown that has regular unleaded for $2.13/gallon, but I’m not telling you where it is until I go fill up. ;)

4 thoughts on “If Only We’d Have Some Nice Weather Around Here”

  1. Love those widgets, sometimes I like picking a city like Vegas or London during the winter and placing it right next to the LA one. In a peverse way I like to be reminded that the weather is never that bad here.

  2. shh! The weather in L.A. (or the perception thereof) has a significant effect on traffic headaches and housing nightmares. “It’s hotter than a mofo and the ground shakes unpredictably.” Repeat liberally when queried by out-of-towners.

  3. Phoenix vs. LA is always enlightening. I grew up there.

    I was thinking, during our recent collapsed-hurricane-remnant heat-and-humidity wave that, while I could live with highs of 95 during the day, I really hated it when, even at 2 am, it’s only gone down to 78, maybe 80 (instead of dropping to the mid-to-high 60s like it usually does).

    Then I clicked over to Phoenix, and noticed that the day’s high was 106, the predicted low was 90, and the temp at 2 am was still 95.

    And humid, too.

    Made me feel much more comfortable. :-)

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